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2022   Kennett High School Alumni Association

Scholarship Awards

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In June we had the pleasure of handing out $49,000 to the Class of 2022 and  KHS Alumni already in college! Bringing us to $1,299,000 awarded since 1974! Thank you to all that have donated to our scholarship funds over the years!

Congratulations to the following KHS Seniors
Tytus Snow, Michael Keegan, Addy Nelson, William Metz, Tanner Bennett, Jack Martin, Ethan Clay-Storm, Katherine Brooks, Sydney Deblois-Hill, Jozelyn Henry, Reed Karnopp, Emma Arnold, Molly Arnold, Alexis Tuttle, Abigail Novak, Owen Henley, Taylor Gaudette, Aidan Hayes, Taylor Garland, William McCarthy, Vanessa Lyons, Lily Rosa, Amy Burton, Cassidy Krieger, Elizabeth Bouchard, Grace Perley, Maya Gove, Brynne Gove, Ashley Johnson, Camden Bailey, & Ava Smith

Congratulations to the following KHS Alumni

Anna Cummings, Callum Hawkes, Braedan Bailey, Rachelle Cassidy, Danielle Soloman, Jack Wheeler, Amiah Johnson, Katie Colvard, Kathryn Hawkes, Jaelin Cummings, Matthew Nordwick, & Sara Tetreault

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