2019    Kennett High School Alumni Association

Scholarship Awards

In June we had the pleasure of handing out $50,000 to the Class of 2020 and  KHS Alumni already in college! Bringing us to $1.2 Million awarded since 1974! Thank you to all that have donated to our scholarship funds over the years!

Congratulations to the following KHS Seniors
Makena Bennett, Shaelyn Camille, Samuel Hanson, Amelia Jarell, Katherine Keefe, Abby Lyman, Phoebe Lyons, Sophie Stimpson, Ianna Parker, Emily Putnam, Maggie Miller, Adam Sam, Braeden Bailey, Evan Eldridge, Eva Young Drummond, Henry Edmunds, Jackson Gordon, Marissa Henry, Amelia Petel and Nadia Van Dyne 

Congratulations to the following KHS Alumni
Hannah Garland, Esmae Doucette, Anna Cummings, Cassidy Daigle, Lexey Eastman, Kaitlyn Jauos, Nathalie Jolin, Carter Miller, Riley Steward, Sara Tetreault, Dylan West, Connor Furtado, Jordanna Belle Isle, Caleigh Daigle, Callum Hawkes, Taylor Petell, Annee Tremblay, Olivia Deblois-Hill and Taylor Bouchard